A Star is Peeved
Season 02, Episode 06
Air Date October 11, 1997
Previous Haven't Got Time for the Paint
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A Star is Peeved is the 20th episode of Kenan & Kel and the 6th episode of Season 2. It first aired on October 11, 1997.


Rigby's is chosen for the new movie, Supermarket Cop III. Kenan and Kel are hired as extras, and are told not to bother in any way the star of movie, Buck Savage. But unfortunately their over eagerness to meet the star causes many problems in finishing the movie including severely injuring Buck.


  • The poster for Supermarket Cop III was seen in a later episode, Fenced In, aired during Season 3.
  • The movie title is a reference to the movie Beverly Hills Cop III.