Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (Part 1) is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Kenan and Kel which was first broadcast on September 25 1999.

Summary Edit

The Rockmores win a radio contest for a free trip anywhere around the world. Kel chooses a trip to Amsterburg for an orange soda festival. When they arrive at the airport, Kel caused the metal detector to go off several times because of various metal objects. Rushing to catch the flight, Kenan and Kel board the wrong plane destined for Hollywood, California. When they arrive at the airport, the gate agent tells them the next flight to Amsterburg isn't until 11:00 pm. With over 12 hours to spare, Kenan and Kel decide to go siteseeing. Meanwhile, Roger, Sheryl and Kyra arrive in Amsterburg to a hotel room in poor condition. Attempts by Kenan and his parents to reach Chris back in Chicago are unsuccessful as he is playing a video game at Rigbys attempting to break a high score.