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Bye Bye Kenan is the 12th and 13th episode of the Kenan & Kel's second season and also, the season finale. This episode first aired on December 27, 1997 (for Part One) and January 3, 1998 (for Part Two). This episode was writen by Dan Schneider, Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert.


Part One[]

Roger gets a new job as a forest ranger in Pumas, Montana and makes the whole family move there. The news was hard for Kenan because that meant he had to leave his school, his job, and most of all  ... Kel

Part Two[]

The Rockmores' new house turns out not what they really wanted and Roger's job is not what he expected either. Kel visits and he Kenan and try to get Roger fired so they can go back to Chicago.


  • This is the first two-parter episode of Kenan & Kel.