Bye Bye Kenan: Part 2
Season 02, Episode 13
Air Date December 27, 1997
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"Bye Bye Kenan: Part 2" is the thirteenth episode and series of the second season of Kenan & Kel which was first broadcast on December 27, 1997.


Life in Montana is not exactly sweet - so Kenan sets about sabotaging his father's new job to get him fired by using a bear disguise, but things get complicated when a real Bear shows up.


Kenan and his family move into their home in Pummis, Montana but the house is very old and torn apart. Their new neighbor Mrs. Blatt welcomes them by bringing her some of her "mystery chili" which looks and tastes really bad. Kel later comes to Pummis since his parents allowed him to come to Montana to visit Kenan.

Roger gets his new job as a mountain ranger but his boss tells him that he has to give people who come to the cabin (which obviously hardly ever happens) brochures and do absolutely nothing else. Meanwhile, Kenan and Kel go to Pummis Academy in which Kel is just wearing his regular jacket and Kenan looks embarrassed having to wear his special clothes for school. The teacher gets disgusted with Kenan's joke "A man got sick because of… a fish he ate" while he was supposed to use a word for "officiate". Kenan finally admits that he no longer wants to stay in Pummis, Montana.

Sheryl and Kyra try to fix the handrail for the stairs but it falls down. Kyra later says "Pummis sucks beans!" Sheryl says they have to stay in Montana because of Roger's new job but later comes through the door also saying "Pummis sucks beans!" because his job is not what he expected. The family finally agrees that they should leave Pummis and go back to Chicago but Roger says they just cannot leave because he promised the ranger department that he would stay there for 2 years.

Kenan and Kel later try to come up with a plan to make Roger quit his job. Later Cleeb (Mrs. Blatt's son) comes through the back door saying "Hey, Kenan, it's me, your best friend Robert!" since he forgot his own name. They later tell Cleeb to dress up like a bear and scare Roger into quitting his new job.

Later Kenan and Kel meet Roger in the cabin. Then a bear attacks the cabin and the ranger gets surprised by the chaos. He later fires Roger for being afraid of a "thousand pound killer bear". Kenan and Kel tell Roger their plan to make Cleeb dress up as a bear. Cleeb later shows up at the cabin with a very cartoonish and extremely unrealistic bear costume saying "Hey, Kenan, I'm ready to pretend to be a bear. Grr!" revealing that the bear that attacked their cabin was real. A frightened Kenan tells everyone "I'll meet y'all in Chicago!" before running away from the cabin.