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Clowning Around
Season 2, Episode 2
Clowning Around.jpg
Air Date September 13, 1997
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Clowning Around is the 16th episode of Kenan & Kel, and the 2nd episode of Season 2.

In this episode, a clown robs Rigby's and when a similar one comes to Kyra's birthday party, Kenan and Kel attempt to catch him.


Kenan arrives late at Rigby's and Chris tells him to look after the shop responsibly while he is away with his mother to get the crust taken off her feet, much to Kenan's disgust. Kel then arrives, and Kenan tells him about being responsible after discarding some potato chips from him.

Suddenly a rainbow haired clown appears, making Kenan and Kel very excited. At their request, he makes some balloon animals for them (Kenan asks for a dog; Kel asks for a snake). Suddenly the clown sneezes in a very peculiar way (something like "ah...ah...ah...ah...ah-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, ah-oo-oo-nah, ah-noo") due to Kel rubbing his balloon snake in his nose. After that, he ties up Kenan and Kel with the set of handkerchiefs he used to blow his nose (the two boys think this is another clown routine and accept) and goes over the counter to empty the whole cash register. After giving them a wave, he exits the store. It takes Kenan and Kel a few moments before they declare in frustration: "WE'VE BEEN ROBBED BY A CLOWN!".

The police soon arrive and untie them and the boys give a description to them, including information of the clown's unusual sneeze. Chris arrives and, horrified to see that he has been robbed, he sets up a new security system so it will never happen again. It includes a safety latch (that Kel accidentally broke when he thought the door was stuck), an alarm, a camera, and an attack dog named Bloodbath (who seems to be friendly towards Kel but when Chris berates him for being friendly, he attacks him instead).

Meanwhile, preparations are being made for Kyra's birthday party. Kyra has to have shrimp at her party because she has invited the most popular girl at her school called Megan who enjoys it. If she doesn't enjoy herself, Kyra may not be invited to any other socials.

As the boys and Kyra are just finishing putting up the decorations, Sheryl receives a phone call saying that Aunt Gertie has been arrested after getting into a fistfight at the bowling alley. With that, she and Roger must go and bail her out, leaving a dismayed Kenan and Kel in charge of the party.

The party begins with Kenan and Kel having to put up with Kyra's rowdy friends. Megan arrives and takes a liking to Kel, much to Kyra's annoyance. A clown suddenly arrives at the door and the boys are horrified to find the same robber in the house. They decide to have a few tests to make sure that it really is the same clown that robbed them. First, they ask the clown to make a balloon animal similar to the one Kenan asked for. They then blow Chris's mother's foot crust dust (which Kel had brought into Kenan's house and throws into the kids' faces on their first attempt) in the clown's face so they can hear the peculiar sneeze again. When the clown passes both tests, they ring the police, but the clown is starting to leave, so they tackle him and hold him down until the police arrive.

When the police do arrive along with Roger and Sheryl, Kenan and Kel say that they already have the clown robber. The police disagree and point out that the clown entertaining at the party isn't the one who robbed Rigby's. They then bring the actual clown robber in the house in handcuffs, explaining that they had caught him robbing the Snack-E-Mart and brought him down to the house to have the boys identify him. After Kel points to the suspect, the clown robber leaves in anger and calls both boys jerks. The police then lead Kenan's parents outside to explain what happened.

Kenan and Kel apologize to the other clown, who leaves in humiliation. After this, Megan tells Kyra that her party was the worst and the only good thing about it was Kel. Kyra responds by pouring the entire bowl of punch over Megan's head. When an embarrassed and angry Megan asks Kel to come to her defense, he instead defends Kyra and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Outraged, Megan storms out with Kenan throwing her jacket at her and closing the door before she can get a word in edge-ways. Finally, the episode finishes with Kyra having her arms around Kel and falling on the sofa with Kenan and the other kids joining in.


  • The sketch artist was only carrying ONE pencil with him, however, when he drew a picture of the clown that robbed Rigby's, multiple colors appeared on the paper.
  • Aunt Gertie went to jail for getting into a fistfight at the bowling alley.
  • The second time the front of Rigby's is shown since the "Pilot".
  • Chris swore he won't get robbed again. But he does in "To Catch a Thief" (by an old woman) and "I'm Gonna Get You Kenan" (by the Jackhammer).
  • Both clowns happen to have the same weird sneeze.


Cop: No, you didn't. That's not the clown that robbed Rigby's. This is.
[The police bring in the actual clown robber into the house.]
Cop: We caught him robbing the Snack-E-Mart, so we brought him over so you two could identify him.
Kel: [points to the robber] That's him.
Clown Robber: Jerks!

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