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Duh Bomb
Season 01, Episode 05
Air Date October 12, 1996
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Next Mo' Sweater Blues

Duh Bomb is the fifth episode of the first season of Kenan & Kel which was first broadcast on October 12, 1996.


After being denied entry at a night club, Kenan sets out to create his own nightclub - at Rigby's. Everything appears to be working out fine until clubbers start eating the groceries and then the fire marshal appears, informing them that they are over capacity.

Kenan's Plan[]

Kenan takes the entire audience with him to start a different nightclub, much to Kel's dismay.


  • Kenan and Kel are apparently 15 years old. Kyra is 9.
  • Kenan briefly mumbles the word Stick Stickly, host of Nick in the Afternoon.
    • Captions say"[Mumbles and whines] when he says this.
  • When Kenan says "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" after chasing the two kids out of Rigby's with a giant water gun compared to their small ones, it's possible that he was referencing "The Beverly Hillbillies", a show which used to air on TV Land, one of Nickelodeon's sister channels.
  • Near the ending, Chris says"... not a Cirq du Soleil, to refer to his store; captions however say"Circus." instead.