Duh Bomb
Season 01, Episode 05
Air Date October 12, 1996
Previous Mental Kel-Epathy
Next Mo' Sweater Blues

Duh Bomb is the fifth episode of the first season of Kenan & Kel which was first broadcast on October 12, 1996.


After being denied entry at a night club, Kenan sets out to create his own nightclub - at Rigby's. Everything appears to be working out fine until clubbers start eating the groceries and then the fire marshal appears, informing them that they are over capacity.

Kenan's Plan

Kenan takes the entire audience with him to start a different nightclub, much to Kel's dismay.


  • Kenan and Kel are apparently 15 years old. Kyra is 9.
  • Kenan briefly mumbles the word Stick Stickly, host of Nick in the Afternoon.
    • Captions say"[Mumbles and whines] when he says this.
  • When Kenan says "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" after chasing the two kids out of Rigby's with a giant water gun compared to their small ones, it's possible that he was referencing "The Beverly Hillbillies", a show which used to air on TV Land, one of Nickelodeon's sister channels.
  • Near the ending, Chris says"... not a Cirq du Soleil, to refer to his store; captions however say"Circus." instead.
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