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Fenced In
Season 03, Episode 01
Air Date October 10, 1998
Previous Bye, Bye Kenan: Part 2
Next Skunkator vs. Mothman

"Fenced In" is the 1st episode of Season 3 and the 28th episode of Kenan & Kel. It first aired on October 10th, 1998.


Kel loses a yo-yo and Kenan tries to get it, but gets himself stuck in some cage bars.


This episode starts with Kenan neglecting to pass the duster to Chris because he's reading a magazine, so he asks Kel to do it instead, but Kel finds a can of peas and throws it at him. Chris doesn't understand why he thought he would ever said that but he gets angry when Kel says he thought it seemed kind of strange, implying that he threw it at him for no apparent reason. Then Kenan and Kel meet two girls who are always angry at their other boyfriends for being tardy so they set up and date with them to "The Timid Bride". Kel later buys a yo-yo for his date while Kenan wants to be there 2 hours early, much their parents' confusion. Kel drops his yo-yo by a nearby fence but just about when Kenan's about to grab it, Kel pushes his head through the bars, resulting in him getting trapped in the fence and worse yet, Kenan gets angry when Kel walks through the front entrance while he pushed his head for no reason. Kel tries pull Kenan out of the bars, losing Kenan's pants in the process and while Kel goes to Rigby's to grab some stuff to release Kenan, people taunt Kenan and take his stuff away. When Kel comes back, he buys absolutely no tools that could help Kenan (screwdriver, ruler, a box of nails, pencil sharpener, and a bottle of glue). Kel puts butter and motor oil on Kenan to help him but Kel's head becomes stuck too when he tries to prove to Kenan that his head isn't big enough to get trapped. Kenan pulls the fence out of the ground and make to their movie just in time.


  • Kyra is not seen in this episode.
  • One of the posters was for Supermarket Cop 3, the movie that was filmed at Rigby's in "A Star is Peeved".
  • The movie that Kenan and Kel were gonna see with their girlfriends was The Timid Bride, a romantic film.
  • The cage bars are obvious props; you can see them moving while Kel is trying to pull Kenan's head out of the cage and Kel accidentally ripping one off of Kenan's pants wearing the underwear boxers.