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I'm Gonna Get You Kenan
Season 03, Episode 14
Air Date January 16, 1999
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I'm Gonna Get You Kenan is the 14th episode of Season 3, and the 41th episode overall. It first aired on January 16, 1999.


The episode starts with Chris hanging flyers in the store that say "Wanted: John "The Jackhammer" Rogan". Kel tries to open his orange soda bottle but mistakes a nun for the Jackhammer who later hits him with a cross in retaliation. Meanwhile, the real Jackhammer walks in the store and Kel obliviously insults him while the frightened Chris gives money to the Jackhammer with Kel still oblivious. Kenan then accidentally knocks out the Jackhammer with the door. They appear at the police station telling fake stories of the robbery.

First Chris tells his story, that he bravely faced the robber. Then Kenan tells his story that he fought the hammer with breadsticks and was kissed by a super model. Kel misunderstands and tells the officer about how he cannot open his orange soda bottle, but later tells the officer Kenan accidentally knocked the Jackhammer unconscious.


  • Kyra is not seen in the episode.
  • This is first time that Chris does funny stuff.
  • The episode Spongebob Meets the Strangler has similarities with this episode.

Running Gags[]

  • Kel knocking people out with a frying pan.
  • Kel and the Jackhammer wondering if they're pizza was pepperoni.