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Kenan Roger Topher Rockmore (Kenan Thompson) is one of the two main characters in the television show Kenan and Kel.

He is Kel's best friend and often the "mastermind" behind the trouble created by the pair. Kenan is intelligent although he rarely does his schoolwork focusing instead on crafting various "get-rich-quick" schemes. While Kenan's plans often land him and Kel in some sort of trouble, he never seems to learn from this pattern.

Although he doesn't always show it, Kenan has much love for his family, including Kel. While not as well known as Kel's catchphrase, Kenan often utters a frustrated "WHHYY?!" when Kel screws something up. Also, another thing Kenan says to Kel when Kel says something that did not make sense is "Naw man". Kenan would also squeal whenever trouble is coming. Kenan works at a local grocery store called Rigby's.

Kenan rarely does anything resembling work at the store. At the end of every episode, Kenan frightens Kel by getting an idea for yet another scheme, naming several random objects for Kel to collect and a location for Kel to meet him. In the final episode "TBD Clip Show" Kel pulls back the curtain at the end to reveal that he has retrieved every single object Kenan asked for throughout the run of the series. Kenan's catchphrase has often been used by other characters and also used in other Schneider shows, as well as the movie, Good Burger and was used on Tollin Robbins Productions logo. His portrayer Kenan Thompson shares the same first name with him.