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Mo' Sweater Blues
Season 01, Episode 06
Air Date October 19, 1996
Previous Duh Bomb
Next Diamonds Are for Roger

Mo' Sweater Blues is the sixth episode of the first season of Kenan & Kel which was first broadcast on October 19, 1996. The name is a pun on the 1990 musical comedy film Mo' Better Blues.


Kenan manages to score a date with crush Brianna at a Chinese restaurant. The date takes an unfortunate turn of events when Kel accidentally damages Brianna's sweater, made by her deceased grandmother.

The two then attempt to repair the sweater without Brianna's knowledge but just make it even worse, finally resulting with it being shrunk after being thrown into a pan of frying fat at the restaurant.


  • This is another episode that hasn't aired on Nick networks in a while or iTunes, due to the use of a licensed song.