Pair-Rental Guidance
Season 02, Episode 01
Air Date September 6, 1997
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Pair-Rental Guidance is the 1st episode of Season 2 of Kenan & Kel, and the 15th episode overall.

Plot Edit

Kenan's principal, Ms. Dimley, wants him and his parents over to her office. Kenan thinks he's gonna get in trouble, so he has Kel find replacement parents for the meeting. However, the principal actually says good things about Kenan to his fake parents, so she comes over to his house. Hilarity then ensues.

Trivia Edit

  • The other replacement parents Kel showed Kenan at Rigby's, were a French couple who looked like Roger and Sheryl, and a Japanese couple.
  • The fake mother keeps getting Kenan's name wrong throughout the episode.