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The Lottery
Season 2, Episode 3
Air Date September 20, 1997
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The Lottery is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of Kenan & Kel, and the 17th episode overall.


It's the big lottery draw and Kel has the $64,000,000-winning ticket. But it ends up in an old lady's groceries.


Kenan: No!

Kel: I can't find the ticket!

Chris: This isn't happening!

Kenan: Check your pockets!

Kel: I did!

(Kel begins crying once the trio head back to Rigby's)


Chris: How could you lose a 64 ba-million dollar ticket?

Kel: I don't ba-know! All I know is, I had it when I came here after school.

Chris: He's right. I remember he showed it to me.

Kenan: That means that ticket has got to be somewhere here in he store.

Chris: Ok. Let's just calmly search the place.

Kenan: Right.

(The trio start looking for the ticket recklessly throughout the store, resulting the interior of Rigby's being a huge mess)

Kenan: Bye, bye happiness.

Kel: Bye, bye my $64,000,000.

Chris: This is too depressing. I'm gonna go home and shave mother.

Ethyl Quagmire: I didn't buy it! I found it in a bag of groceries!

Lottery Host: Whatever. Here's your check for $64,000,000!

Ethyl Quagmire: Yes!

Kenan and Kel: NO!!!!!!

Kenan: Grab some swimming trunks and some catsup and meet me at the zoo.

Kel: Catsup?

Kenan: Come on, Potty Pants.

Kel: Potty Pants? K-Kenan, why the zoo? I'm not an animal. I'm a TV charcter.