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The Tainting of the Screw
Season 01, Episode 02
Air Date August 17, 1996
Previous Pilot
Next Doing Things the Hemingway

"The Tainting of the Screw" is the second episode of the first season of Kenan & Kel which was first broadcast on August 17, 1996.


When Kenan chokes on a screw he finds in his tuna sandwich, he launches a fullscale lawsuit against the company, Luna Tuna, for the sum of $10 million.

The company offers Kenan a settlement that he refuses. Ultimately in the courtroom, a guilty Kel confesses to having accidentally dropped the screw in the tuna. He does so by repeatedly screaming the phrase "I...DROPPED THE SCREW...IN THE TUNA!"


Kenan: mike You're sick, man.
Kel: Keller (all giddy) I enjoy ham. and chicken

Kenan: Michael $1 million?!
iyanna blount : And the lifetime-supply of tuna?!

Kel: I dropped the screw in the can of tuna!


  • Chris has a cousin who's a lawyer. Kel has a cousin who's in a circus.
  • Kenan gives away $103,001 in the daydream he has of being rich.
  • The scene of Kel confessing was used on a popular YouTube video named Kenan and Kel Tuna Remix.
  • The song Kenan sang while preparing his tuna sandwich was to the tune of "La Bamba" by Richie Valens.
  • The classical music played in Kel's dream about ham has been used in several other shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Amanda Show, iCarly, Sam & Cat, Drake & Josh, Victorious, All that, the really old classic The Munsters, etc.
  • Kel mentions having a cousin who's in the circus.
  • According to Kel Mitchell, the famous "I dropped the screw in the tuna" took well over 20 takes, with Mitchell hamming it up even more with each take.


  • When Kel confessed that he dropped the screw in the tuna by accident by stating "I… DROPPED THE SCREW… IN THE TUNA!!!", followed by in one saying of that, "It was me! Oh, the humanity!!", you can see that really in the beginning, he didn't even put the screw in the tuna in any way or drop it in any way, either. Instead he was asked by Kenan, who when opening the can with the electric can opener, possibly didn't see the screw fall into the tuna after the tuna itself, to pass him some mustard out of the fridge for his tuna.
  • Closed captioning errors: At Roger's first opening, you'd think they'd put musical notes in but captions put exclamation points in instead; At Rigby's press conference the man mentions $20 million; captions incorrectly say $10,000 rather then the appropriate amount for unknown reasons.