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Twizzles Fizzles
Season 01, Episode 14
Air Date January 17, 1997
Previous Safe and Sorry
Next Pair-Rental Guidance

Twizzles Fizzles is the fourteenth and last episode of the first season of Kenan & Kel, which was first broadcast on January 17, 1997.


Roger's prize bird, Twizzles, is left in the care of Kenan and Kel while Roger and Sheryl are out of town for the weekend. However, Twizzles dies from not being taken cared of and Kenan and Kel panic. To keep from Roger and Sheryl from finding out, they go to a pet shop and find a cockatoo that looks exactly like Twizzles. Then they go to Rigby's and convince Chris to lend them $95 to buy the bird. After Kenan and Kel return home, but Kel plays with the bird and it escapes through Kenan's bedroom window. Roger and Sheryl call Kenan to say that they're returning home earlier than planned and ask him to pick up some groceries at Rigby's. Prior to leaving, he and Kel spread bird seed throughout the house to attract the bird back. When Kenan returns, the cockatoo comes back, but the bird seed attracts dozens of other birds. Meanwhile, Roger and Sheryl stop at Rigby's and Roger discovers his dead bird in a shoe box. Kenan captures the cockatoo, but Sheryl and Roger return home. The episode ends when Roger, visibly enraged, shows a dead Twizzles.


Kenan: We have a great show for you all.

Kel: But, before we begin with the festivities, I would like to do something special for the audience.

Kenan: Man, your not talking about the thing where you eat spaghetti with your toes are ya?

Kel: We owe Chris $95, Twizzles... is deceased, your daddy is furious, and you've got 2000 strange birds in your living room.

Kenan: Well, that was all your fault.

Kel: What?! My fault?!

Kenan: You're the one who let that cockatoo fly out the window.

Kel: What was I suppossed to do, fly out and get him? People can't fly.