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We Are the Chimpions
Season 03, Episode 20
Air Date February 27, 1999
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"We Are the Chimpions" is the twentieth episode of the third season and is the forty-seventh episode overall. It originally aired on February 27, 1999.


This episode starts in the store, where Chris is about to announce the 'Employee of the Day', which really annoys Kenan, to which Kel comes in, informing Kenan that the paperwork from the local zoo's adoption program came in, as Kenan and Kel adopted a two-year-old chimpanzee named Charles. The go to the zoo to see Charles, only for a worker there to inform them that Charles is being moved to another zoo, which really upsets Kel.

The scene then cuts to Kenan helping a customer at the store, when Kel walks in through the back with Charles. Kenan finds out and they take Charles back to Kenan's house (Narrowly avoiding being caught by Roger). Kenan calls the zoo, only to find that Charles as wondered off.

They go to try and find Charles outside, while Charles wrecks havoc in the kitchen. Kenan and Kel hear noises and check the kitchen, only for Charles to leave undetected. Then, the zoo worker comes to take Charles. Kenan tries to deny it, only for Charles to walk in from outside, holding a hose, to which he sprays everyone with water.


The name of the episode is references to We are the Champions by Queen.